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My kiddos!

June 2nd, 2012

So people are always telling me that I don’t post enough pictures of my own kids (mostly those people are their grandparents).  Anyway, Zoe just turned 2 last Saturday so we took her and Zane out for a photo shoot this week to commemorate the big 02.  Photographers across the country will tell you that your own children are the hardest ones to photograph.  I’m here to tell you it’s absolutely true.  Here are a few favorites of my kiddos!

Zoe pushing Zane’s car around.

March 6th, 2011

Zoe is 9-months old now and she’s ready to start walking any day. She loves to push things around (boxes, clothing baskets, etc.), and today, apparently, Zane’s car needed a rolling jump. So Zoe was there to help out.

Enjoy this quick little video from today.


The rest of the story!

March 4th, 2011

Several of you have commented on how cute Zane and Zoe were in their 3-year/9-month photos that we posted earlier this week.  While we appreciate all the doting, we didn’t want you to think that the photo shoot was all Peaches ‘n’ Cream.  In fact, I think my children are the hardest subjects to shoot.

This collage gives a much more accurate depiction of how the photo shoot really went down.

I call this piece . . . “Summing up Sibling-Hood” (I hope it gives you a chuckle like it did for me and Rachel)

My Little Models – Zane and Zoe

February 27th, 2011

Zoe turned 9-months old yesterday (and Zane turned 3 a little over a month ago) so we took the kids into the studio and did a quick photo shoot with them.  They’re growing like little weeds.  Here are a few favorites from Zane and Zoe’s photo shoot today.


Halloween at the Zahner’s

October 31st, 2010

Halloween has a whole new meaning when you have kids.  I mean really, let’s admit it.  We get WAYYY more out of this dressing-up-your-kids business than they do.  Zane doesn’t want to wear his costume and Zoe is too little to care.  But it sure is fun as parents to get them dressed up and take pictures of them so that’s exactly what Rachel and I did today.

Here are a few favorites of my kids, Zane and Zoe.

Happy Halloween!

“I like Tampons!”

October 19th, 2010

Well . . . I (me, Tyson, personally) don’t necessarily like Tampons, but apparently, my 2-year old son does.

It is true that kids do, in fact, say the darnedest things.  Yesterday, Zane came across some of mommy’s er . . . uhm . . . feminine products, and he says, “What are these, Mommy?”

To which Rachel replies, “Those are Tampons.”

Zane looks at them a minute and says, “Hey look!, yeh-woh and gween and puh-poh.  I like tampons . . . . (pause) . . . . Yes, I like Tampons alot!”

So there you have it.  My son likes Tampons.

Father Forgets

August 28th, 2010

Today . . . something completely unrelated to photography.

When you have children, I think somehow the heart grows exponentially.  I am not usually (and never really have been) the emotional type, but today I stumbled across an article that really touched me.  I was reading it out loud to my wife, Rachel, and all of a sudden, about half way through the article, I felt this wave of emotion pour over me and I could barely continue reading through my tears as I thought about my role as a parent and my relationship with my own son.

I’m not 100% sure why I was so affected by it, and It’s strange, because I’m certain I wouldn’t have had that reaction 3 years ago before Zane and Zoe had come into my life.  Nonetheless, I think it’s something every parent could stand to read (and probably re-read on a regular basis)

So . . . if you have 5 minutes, read the article below.  But be careful, you may want to have a box of tissues close by 😉

This article was written several decades ago, and since then it has been published in many well known books and magazines.

Father Forgets

Listen, son:
I am saying this as you lie asleep,
one little paw crumpled under your cheek and
the blond curls stickily wet on your damp forehead.
I have stolen into your room alone.
Just a few minutes ago,
as I sat reading my paper in the library,
a stifling wave of remorse swept over me.
Guiltily I came to your bedside.

There are the things I was thinking,
son: I had been cross to you.
I scolded you as you were dressing for school
because you gave your face merely a dab with a towel.
I took you to task for not cleaning your shoes.
I called out angrily
when you threw some of your things on the floor.

At breakfast I found fault, too.
You spilled things.
You gulped down your food.
You put your elbows on the table.
You spread butter too thick on your bread.
And as you started off to play
and I made for my train,
you turned and waved a hand
and called, ‘Goodbye, Daddy!’
and I frowned, and said in reply,
‘Hold your shoulders back!’

Then it began all over again in the late afternoon.
As I came up the road I spied you,
down on your knees, playing marbles.
There were holes in your stockings.
I humiliated you before your boyfriends
by marching you ahead of me to the house.
Stockings were expensive –
and if you had to buy them you would be more careful!
Imagine that, son, from a father!

Do you remember,
later, when I was reading in the library,
how you came in timidly,
with a sort of hurt look in your eyes?
When I glanced up over my paper,
impatient at the interruption,
you hesitated at the door.
‘What is it you want?’ I snapped.
You said nothing,
but ran across in one tempestuous plunge,
and threw your arms around my neck
and kissed me,
and your small arms tightened
with an affection that God had set blooming in your heart
and which even neglect could not wither.
And then you were gone,
pattering up the stairs.

Well, son,
it was shortly afterwards
that my paper slipped from my hands
and a terrible sickening fear came over me.
What has habit been doing to me?
The habit of finding fault, of reprimanding
– this was my reward to you for being a boy.
It was not that I did not love you;
it was that I expected too much of youth.
I was measuring you
by the yardstick of my own years.

And there was so much that was good and fine
and true in your character.
The little heart of you
was as big as the dawn itself
over the wide hills.
This was shown by your spontaneous impulse
to rush in and kiss me good night.
Nothing else matters tonight, son.
I have come to your bedside in the darkness,
and I have knelt there, ashamed!

It is a feeble atonement;
I know you would not understand these things
if I told them to you during your waking hours.
But tomorrow
I will be a real daddy!
I will chum with you,
and suffer when you suffer,
and laugh when you laugh.
I will bite my tongue
when impatient words come.
I will keep saying as if it were a ritual:
‘He is nothing but a boy – a little boy!’

I am afraid I have visualized you as a man.
Yet as I see you now, son,
crumpled and weary in your cot,
I see that you are still a baby.
Yesterday you were in your mother’s arms,
your head on her shoulder.
I have asked too much, too much.

– W. Livingston Larned,
and since no post on this blog would be complete without a photo, here’s a snapshot of the three people that I love more than anything else in this entire world!

Look out Ladies! Here comes Zane Zahner!

August 7th, 2010

My cousin, Kevin and his wife JoAnna are in this weekend from Oklahoma and we did quick photo shoot with them and their 16-month old, Melanie this morning.

Below are a few favorites from their session.  (I hope the first picture in this sequence isn’t foretelling my son’s future attempts to pick up the ladies).

And here are a few more of the the Burlison’s

Zane’s bedtime routine

February 12th, 2010

I know I haven’t posted much personal/family stuff recently so here’s a chance to catch you up a bit.  I won’t bore you with all the details but Zane has just been too cute lately.  Something tells me he’s going to be the class clown and the star of the school play.

Every night when we go to bed, Zane has his routine that he must follow.  It involves brushing his teeth first and then saying his prayers which starts with “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” and then progresses into praying for all our family and friends (by the way, daddy put the pillow on his lap one night several months ago and now everyone MUST pray with a pillow on their lap.  Don’ t you know it’s the only correct way to talk to God? – just watch the video below and you’ll see what I’m talking about),  and then he lays in bed with mommy and daddy for a little bit and then finally going to his own “big-boy” bed (his 2nd birthday gift from mom and dad which he’s quite proud of).

The video below is just a little glimpse into our nighttime routine.  Enjoy!

[flv:http://www.tysonzahnerphotography.com/video/02-11-2010-Zane_bedtime-high.flv 864 480]

If you don’t see the video, you may need to visit our blog directly at this link – http://www.tysonzahnerphotography.com/archive/2010/02/12/zanes-bedtime-routine/

Zane is a year and a half old!

July 20th, 2009

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any pictures of Zane on the blog and I feel terrible.  (I’m like the mechanic who doesn’t fix his own car).  We’ve just been so busy taking pictures of other people, we haven’t made time for pictures of Zane . . . well . . . until yesterday that is.  We spent some time yesterday evening doing shots of Zane and I think Rachel and I are finally starting to understand what some of our clients feel like when they come in to the studio with their kids.  In fact, we did all the stuff we tell our clients not to do.  We set way too many expectations of what would happen and how Zane would behave and what kinds of shots we would get and we kind of forgot to just let Zane be Zane.  We had all of these expectations of what Zane would do and how the pictures would turn out and none of those ideals were met (which is exactly what we tell clients will happen if they have too many expectations about the session).  I guess we should listen to some of our own advice.

Anyway, here’s a quick sampling of Zane’s 18 month photo shoot.











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