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A poop or a fart?

Yesterday, Rachel was changing Zane’s dirty behind and she realized the diapers were in the other room. So after using the wipes to clean him up, she wraps him in the blanket and carries him into the other room. On the way there, he made “that face” (you know . . . the one I mentioned in Monday’s entry)

Yeah, that was the face. And then there was a rumble down below. Now keep in mind he’s wrapped in a blanket with no diaper on. So Rachel gives me this look like, “Uh oh!”. So I said, “What?” and she says, “I think he made a poop.” and I said, “So what. He poops all the time” and she says, “He doesn’t have a diaper on.” So now I have a look like, “Uh oh!” I ask Rachel, “Are you sure it wasn’t a fart?” She says, “It might have been.” So now we’re walking toward the bedroom to take him out of his blanket and find out. As we start to take off his blanket, I’m having the strange feeling like I’m opening a Christmas present that I’m hoping is an ipod, but is probably just a package of underwear. You know what I mean? Well, much to my surprise, I’m glad to say, it was just a fart. Needless to say, we were both really relieved and Rachel told him what a good boy he was for passing gas. Why I don’t get the same reaction when I pass gas, I’ll never know. He does it and he’s a good boy. I do it and I’m a sicko. Go figure.

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