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A short but emotional visit

Today was a short but emotional visit. I think it was especially hard because today the baby felt more like he was ours. Yesterday it was like we were just visiting someone else’s baby in the hospital, but today there were some bonds that Rachel and I hadn’t felt before. It was harder to leave than it was yesterday, harder to put him down, harder to take our eyes off of him and harder to give him back to the birth mother. Plus, the birth mother shared with us the name that they put on the baby’s birth certificate. Coincidently, the first name that they gave was Rachel’s great grandmother’s last name. A name, in fact, that we had considered before deciding upon Zane (and not a very common name either). What are the odds? It was an interesting coincidence and Rachel’s eyes instantly filled up with tears. The birth mother asked if during the first year we would provide (not directly, but through the agency) pictures of his growth. Her eyes teared (as did Rachel’s) when we responded, “of course”. After that, she just wants an annual picture and letter of the year’s highlights. Anyway, we are getting more and more anxious, and the longer we wait, the harder this is getting for everyone involved. I’m glad that we are taking him home tomorrow. The thought of waiting any longer than that is almost unimagineable. We go to the hospital to pick him up at 10:00 tomorrow morning. Lots of pictures to come. We’ll keep you posted.

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