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… and the winner is . . . (drum roll please!)

The $1000 Giveaway ended today and it’s now time to announce the winner.  Thanks to all who registered for the drawing.  I wish I could give $1000 to each person who registered, but there were nearly 700 of you and I’m no Oprah Winfrey.

Although . . . I do have some good news.  While only one person will receive the grand prize, I’m in a particularly good mood today (must be the beautiful weather).  So I am also offering an additional $1000 split between 10 other winners in $100 increments as consolation prizes (I know!  Happy Days!!)

If you didn’t win this time, please check our website and blog regularly because we will be announcing various promotions throughout the year.  You can even receive automatic e-mail updates by subscribing here.

So without further ado, it’s time to announce the winners:

$1,000 Studio Credit:
. . . . and the winner is Lisa Weaver – Jackson, MO

$100 Studio Credit:
. . . .  and the 10 winners are:

  1. Jessica Koch – Scott City, MO
  2. Danette Ketcher – Cape Girardeau, MO
  3. Cyndi Bleckler – Jackson, MO
  4. Tori Mirly – Jackson, MO
  5. Lisa Vinton – Perryville, MO
  6. Kristina Abercrombie – Kelso, MO
  7. Alison Sutterer – Perryville, MO
  8. Amanda Bourner – Jackson, MO
  9. Lori Schutte – Cape Girardeau, MO
  10. Sue Lackey – St. Louis, MO

In order to claim your prize, you must contact me via the contact page within one week (by April 11, 2009).

Selection Process:

For those of you that are curious about the selection process, I’ll share how the winners were selected (while I certainly appreciate all the kind words on the blog and in personal e-mails, they had no bearing on the selection of the winner – sorry)

  1. All Entries were pasted into an Excel Spreadsheet
  2. Duplicate entries were highlighted and removed using Conditional Formatting in Excel
  3. Using the “=RANDBETWEEN” function, a random number was assigned to each row of the spreadsheet.
  4. The spreadsheet was then sorted based on the random number column.
  5. I then used the “=RANDBETWEEN” function once again to generate 11 random numbers between 0-700
  6. The first random number that was generated was the row number of the Grand Prize Winner.
  7. The other 10 random numbers were the row numbers of the $100 winners.

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