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Baby Showers and New Pictures

We had two baby showers this weekend – one on Saturday in Cape and one on Sunday in Perryville. They were really nice (Thank you Beth, Kim, Brandy, Grandma Linda and Grandma Charlyn for putting them together) and it was so nice to get to see everyone. But, honestly . . I’m wiped out!! I think more energy was drained by the showers in those two days than by Zane in the last 3 weeks.

Although I’m tired, I’ve learned a lot in the last two days. Things that I’d like to share with you now:

1. People like babies way more than they like adults – Seriously, everyone has been so generous. We really can’t say, “Thank You” enough. Between friends at work, friends from church, neighbors and all of our other family members and friends who attended the shower (or sent gifts through the mail), we have accumulated so much stuff I don’t know what we’re going to do with all of it. It looks as though I may have to get rid of my grand piano and perhaps one of our vehicles (and maybe even the dog) to make room for everything.

2. The majority of the rest of my life will be spent installing batteries and putting stuff together. I’m pretty sure I spent less time studding, dry-walling, sanding, painting, and finishing my basement than I’ve spent putting toys together in the past week (toys, by the way, that Zane won’t even be able to play with for another couple of months). And what’s up with the batteries. I have to use a screw driver to put in batteries . . . really? I don’t think you should have to get out a toolbox for baby toys (but what do I know).

3. Babies smell good (OK . . . that’s random. But I think they do).

4. Thank God for digital cameras. If I had to spend money developing film for the number of pictures that I’ve taken since Zane was born, we would be filing chapter 13 about now. If you’d like to see the pictures from this past week, they are now on the website. Click here and Enjoy!!

All of our gifts - Thank You!

All of our gifts - Thank You!

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