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12 Tips for Amazing & Unique Senior Pictures

What is the most important thing High School seniors want from their senior portraits?

Well, if there's one thing we've learned from photographing nearly 700 high school seniors at our studio in the past 10 years, it's that seniors want photos that are unique and stand out from other kids at their school.

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May 9, 2016
Tyson Zahner

My Little Models – Zane and Zoe

Zoe turned 9-months old yesterday (and Zane turned 3 a little over a month ago) so we took the kids into the studio and did a quick photo shoot with them.  They’re growing like little weeds.  Here are a few favorites from Zane and Zoe’s photo shoot today.  


Lots of Models!

We’re gearing up for senior season (it will be here before you know it).  So right now we’re shooting lots of models (like 2 per day), getting some new images for our website and figuring the ins and outs of our new shooting space.  It’s gonna be an exciting season!  Here are a few shots […]


Back at it!

After taking over 2 months off to get moved in to the new place and remodel the new studio, we’re finally getting back to shooting sessions again (finally!). Here are 2 shots from the two sessions I shot yesterday. Anneishia and Abby are both Class of 2012 models for our studio.


I haven’t touched a computer almost 3 weeks!

We closed on our new house/studio on Jan. 10 and we’re finally starting to get settled in. I slept in my own bed last night for the time in weeks (oh what a relief that was!) and I just unpacked my computer out of the boxes today so this blog post is literally my first […]


New home, New studio, New Location!

Well, it is official. We closed on our new house yesterday afternoon.  Our studio will still be in our home.  It’s just that our home will be in a new location. We are very excited about all of the new shooting opportunities that the new property will bring (8 acres, a pond, a creek, a […]


We’re homeless!!

We just closed on our old house this morning, and we will close on our new house this afternoon, so technically for the next few hours, Rachel and I don’t own a home. Don’t worry about us though. We have until next Monday to move so we’re not really without a place to live. More […]


What is the Modeling Program?

Yesterday, I posted a link to our model application and since then, I’ve received numerous questions about what the model program is . . . I guess I should have explained that before asking for applications. So here you have it . . . Each year, we accept a limited number of new models for […]


Models Wanted!!

We are now taking model applications from Class of 2012 & 2013 – Click here for details – www.tysonzahnerphotography.com/the-modeling-program


Don’t take it from me . . .

Don’t take it from me on why you should hire Zahner Photography to photograph the special events in your life. Listen to one of our past wedding clients tell you about their experience with us.


Zoe’s 6-month pictures

Zoe turned 6-months on Thanksgiving and she’s already doing SOOOO much.  She pulls up on EVERYTHING (her crib, tables, toys, baskets, our legs, and so on).  The girl LOVES to be on her feet.  She even lets go and tries to balance on her own.  She manages about 1 second before grabbing back on, but […]


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