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Close . . . but no baby.

We had a really close call through our agency. LFCS called about a month ago and explained that there was a birth mother who was married and already had 2 children. Financially, she and her husband could not support a third child so they were going to choose an adoptive family through the agency. Our social worker asked if she could include our profile in the mix, and of course, we said “YES!!” Several weeks passed and we never heard anything so we assumed that we had not been chosen. Finally, we got a call back yesterday. It was one of those good news/bad news calls. The good news was that the birth mother had selected Rachel and I to adopt her baby. The bad news was that the baby was born with multiple birth defects and so the agency decided not to give us the placement. We were disapointed of course, but the fact that we were at least selected gives us hope. Honestly, we are very content and patient right now (certainly more patient than our parents). We are confident that it will happen in God’s timing, and that we’ll get the baby that is meant for our family.

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