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We heard the heartbeat!!

Most of you know the news already, but for those of you that don’t, consider this the official announcement.  Rachel is pregnant!  Yes, we were as surprised by this news as everyone else.  In fact we had our application in at LFCS for adoption #2 when we found out.  Rachel is about to go into her 13th week and we went to the OB yesterday and got to hear the heartbeat (yeahhhh!!!) .  Due date falls right around May 19th.  We’ll keep you posted via the blog as we find out new information (like gender – I’m hoping for another boy, but I’m outnumbered by . . . let’s see . . . . EVERYONE).

Anyway, considering that no blog post would be complete without a picture – here’s a shot of Rachel that we took when we first found out (back at the end of Sept.).  I don’t imagine we’ll see abs like this again anytime soon so we figured we’d capture them while we could.  We’re going to try and take more pictures of the belly throughout the pregnancy to show the progression.  So stay tuned!


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