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Excuse #1: “My friend has a good camera.” Copy

A good camera can’t take a good portrait; only a trained, talented and experienced professional photographer can. Would you let someone cut your hair just because they have a nice pair of scissors? Or make your prom dress because they have a fancy sewing machine? Or work on your car because they own a set of wrenches? Of course not. A camera is only as good as the person behind it—and Tyson is one of the best in the country. Don’t trust your important senior portraits to anyone else!  Lorie Moore, one of our mothers from Bloomfield told us this story, “My daughter had a friend that had two sets of portraits done by non-professionals.  She wasn’t happy with either set.  The lighting was off and the colors were faded.  A Professional understands how to use the camera and lighting to their advantage.  Anyone can take a picture, but it takes a professional to make a portrait.”

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