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Our studio is located at 1310 Broadridge in Jackson, MO.  However, not all GPS systems and online maps have our street address in the correct location.  Click here to view our exact location and get directions via google maps.

Please note, we work by Appointment Only.  Our studio is located on our personal property, and in our home so please make sure you have an appointment when stopping by.

Here’s a quick breakdown.

1st – Look around the website and fall in love with our photography and start to think about your awesome portrait session becoming a reality!

2nd – Decide which session you would like.  Remember that we offer, indoor, outdoor, and location sessions.  Once you decide which session that you would want just pick up the phone and call us to schedule your appointment.  Please have your credit card ready when calling as we do require the session fee to be paid up front to get you scheduled. Click here to download one of our price lists.

3rd – On the day of your session we will have a view and order appointment at our studio.  That’s right about 10 minutes after your session you will be escorted to our private theater for your very own movie style presentation on our ten foot projection screen.  We need to make sure that all of the decision makers are present for the view and order session.  If you wish to do this on a different day that option is available but at an additional charge to reserve the theater.

I am constantly watching the weather for my outdoor sessions.  If it appears that the weather is not going to cooperate, I will contact you by e-mail or phone to work out a plan for rescheduling or adjusting our time/place.  However, with senior sessions, some of the most unique shots I’ve ever captured have been right before (or after) a big storm.  If it’s not raining at the start of your session, plan on going forward with the session and bring an umbrella.  We may shoot in covered areas outside or perhaps even incorporate the umbrella.  If the weather takes a turn for the worse or you are unhappy with the portraits for some reason, we will gladly schedule a re-shoot.  We absolutely guarantee your satisfaction or your session fee will be returned.

Typically you will see your proofs immediately after the shoot. We do not offer printed proofs.  They are outdated, costly, time-consuming and un-necessary in today’s digital world.  Better yet, you will view and order your images right here in our studio (typically within 30 minutes after your session).  We have a large home theater where you can view images, compare, ask questions, etc.  It may sound very intimidating, but I assure you, it’s not.  You’ll be surprised at how much you enjoy the process and how easy it is having an “expert” right there with you to help you make your decisions.  We usually do the viewing on the same day as the session so in most cases, you’ll see your proofs within 10-30 minutes after the session is completed.  Yeah – I know – pretty cool!   Keep in mind, you will place your order and pay in full during this viewing session so be sure that all decision makers are present.  We offer only one viewing/ordering appointment per session, so if you need to make additional viewing appointments (i.e. for other family members), the cost is $50 per extra 1-hour viewing session.

See the answer above.

We do offer online galleries, but they are only available after you do the initial viewing session at our studio and only after an order has been placed and paid for in full (see the answer above to “when will I see my proofs?”).  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Hello!  This is the 21st century.  I think paper proofs went out of style with mullets and tight-rolled jeans.  I kid, of course.  But the answer is in fact, “no”  we do not send home any paper proofs.  With the advancements in technology, it just isn’t necessary any more.  All of our proofing is done digitally (see the answer above to “When will I see my proofs?” for more information).

We certainly hope this doesn’t happen (it’s never happened to us yet).  But either way, we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.  When you view your pictures for the first time at your viewing and ordering appointment, if you’re not absolutely thrilled, we will re-shoot the session or refund your money.  No Questions Asked!

I will begin processing your order once full payment is received.  Please allow 2 weeks for processing and delivery.  I inspect every single image to make sure that it is perfect.  If it isn’t, I will re-process it and have it re-printed.  Rushing prints similar to a one-hour photo lab is not the way to ensure that you receive top quality portraits.

Expect to have fun!  For little ones, just let them be themselves. Did you know that they can feel tension in the air just like adults can? Please do not encourage your children to “sit still” or smile on command.  I want to capture your children for who they are naturally so just let them be, help them to feel comfortable, let them have fun and encourage them to just be themselves.  Leave the rest to me.

For seniors, expect unique images unlike anything your friends will have.  We tailor each senior session to the person we are capturing.  Unlike some of the large studios that crank seniors through like an assembly line, we get to know who you are; your likes and dislikes, your personality and hobbies and we help you choose outfits and props and locations that suit you and tell a story about WHO YOU ARE!

Newborn photo sessions can last up to three hours. This allows time for feeding, and changing, and soothing, etc.  Familly sessions and Children sessions usually take 30-60 minutes but we never want to rush you.  We’ll take all the time necessary to get comfortable, try different poses, and capture each moment with excellence. You will not be rushed because we know the best shots take place when everyone feels comfortable and relaxed.  Senior sessions vary depending on which session you book.  See the senior price list for the different sessions that we offer.

We offer indoor, outdoor and location sessions. Most senior sessions offer a bit of everything. For most other types of sessions, take you pick. I love shooting outdoors as it gives children lots of room to run and play and be themselves, but I also enjoy the creative lighting control in my studio. My best suggestion is for you to look through the galleries on our website and see which style best suits you.

We are an appointment only studio so please view our Availability Calendar on the website and see if there’s an open date that fits your schedule.  If so, please send me an email with your requested date/time.  I will do my best to accommodate your schedule with mine.  To ensure the utmost quality, I shoot every session personally, and I don’t have associate or assistant photographers that work for me, so when you book a session, you’ll be working directly with me.  I am a full time photographer so my schedule is pretty flexible.  However, weekdays are usually your best option as we shoot many weddings on Saturdays and we reserve Sundays as our day off for family time.  For regular portrait sessions, try to find a weekday time between 9:00am and 5pm.

For children, some suggestions of what to bring could include a favorite hat, jacket, sunglasses, lollipop, boots, blanket, stuffed animal, super hero cape, tutu, etc. or anything else that shows your child’s personality and helps to tell a story about who they are.  Not only do these props give your child something to interact with during the session, they can also help to keep them occupied and content.  Who knows, these fun shots might just be your favorites.
For seniors, you CAN NOT bring too much stuff.  Bring anything and everything that tells a story about who you are.  Favorite outfits of course, but also sports uniforms and props if you’re an athlete, books and magazines that you like to read, musical instruments you play, your cell phone if you’re a texting junkie, and on and on.  Seriously, bring everything that tells a story about YOU.  I’d rather you have too much than not enough.

It is hard to tell a client what to wear.  I am definitely a “jeans and t-shirt” kind of photographer.  My style of photography is not what I would describe as being “traditional” therefore traditional “Sunday Best” type of clothing is not recommended.  If you are looking for a more traditional photo session with suits and ties and fancy dresses, I am probably not the photographer for you. For more detailed suggestions on what to wear, click here for our clothing recommendations.

Yes, I enjoy maternity sessions very much and will allow you the freedom to be as modest or as bold as you would like.  Try to schedule your maternity session sometime around the  8th month of pregnancy.

Yes, I love taking pictures of newborns.  They allow for some wonderfully creative pictures.  These shots are best if taken within the first or second week of life (the earlier the better) because the newborn stage is very fleeting.  I encourage you to contact me while you are still expecting.

I do photograph weddings.  Please see the wedding gallery for samples and the pricing page on our website for packages and pricing.

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