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I haven’t touched a computer almost 3 weeks!

We closed on our new house/studio on Jan. 10 and we’re finally starting to get settled in. I slept in my own bed last night for the time in weeks (oh what a relief that was!) and I just unpacked my computer out of the boxes today so this blog post is literally my first time using it since we moved. Moving is definitely a challenge, but moving AND doing construction/remodeling all at the same time is madness! We’ve been living on the upstairs level of our home while the main floor and basement (the studio) have been getting worked on. Things are finally starting to come together and we’ve got some really EXCITING things planned for our clients this year. We can’t wait to show you the new studio and the new viewing theater and the grounds and so much more. It’s going to be an exciting exciting year. Thanks for hanging in there and being patient with us while we move. I have a lot of e-mails to catch up on. I apologize that it’s taken me this long to respond to some of them but we’re finally starting to get back to normal around here.

Pictures of the new place will follow in the next few weeks after we finish the remodel.

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