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Nobody gets to hold Zane for the next 3 days.

My sister, Brandy comes in tonight from New York City. To say that she is anxious to see Zane would be the understatement of the year. He’s been home with us for 2 weeks now and all she’s been able to see of him is what you’ve seen on the web site (pictures, video, etc.). Of everyone in our family, she has been the most excited to see the baby (along with Zane’s grandparents of course), but the poor girl has been stuck out in NYC.

Because she hasn’t seen him in person, she’s addicted to his pictures. In fact, she told us that on the days that I don’t post new pictures on the web site, she has no other way to cope except to go out and buy him stuff. Well, that’s not a very smart way to encourage me to post more pictures, is it? As soon as she said that, I was like, “Alright, no more pictures ’til after Aunt Brandy comes home.” She’s already sent us a pumpkin seat/stroller combo thing and she helped my mom order a Pack ‘n’ Play, so I’m really excited to see what else Zane gets from Brandy’s picture deprivation.

Anyway, Brandy’s flight gets in this evening at 9:30 PM. She is staying at my parents house in Perryville tonight, but has declared that she is coming down first thing Friday morning (I expect she’ll get up around 4:00 AM . . . which would be fine, because I’m sure that Zane will be up then too) and that no one else gets to hold the baby for the rest of the weekend. So if you’re planning on coming to one of the baby showers, good luck prying Zane from the clutches of his Aunt Brandy’s fingers.

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