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Rachel and I have noticed some interesting numeric “coincidences” lately. For example Zane was born at 6:19 PM and he was 6.0 pounds and 19 inches long. Plus, he was born on the 19th day of the month (had it been in June (6/19) that really would have been wierd).

But perhaps it was fate that determined it should be January rather than June. Allow me to explain:

In my entry from 1/23/08, I mentioned that Rachel and I have life changing events in 5 year increments. We started dating when she was 15. We got married when she was 20; bought a house at 25 and brought Zane home at 30.

However, even more coincidental than all of that . . . we looked back at a ticket stub from our first date and you’ll never guess when it was – Jan. 23 1993 – exactly 15 years (to the day) that we brought Zane home from the hospital. Wierd, huh?

Also, do you know what landmark court case was decided 35 years ago that same week? Yep! Roe v. Wade was decided on Jan. 22, 1973 – just one day before we brought Zane home from the hospital – somewhat of a reminder that Zane’s birth mother could have made a very different decision.

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