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Rachel’s new hairstyle: The Mommy-do.

Anyone who knows Rachel and I at all knows that we’re not the most timely people . . . Uh, sorry. . . correction – anyone who knows me (Tyson), knows that I’m not most timely person. Rachel is actually a very timely person, but unfortunately for her, she comes as a package deal with yours truly. If we’re supposed to be somewhere at 5:00 PM people will usually tell us 4:30 just to make sure we’re on time . . . and that was before we had a kid. Now . . . we don’t even stand a chance. We just live in a state of perpetual lateness. If you want us to be somewhere at 5:00, you’d better tell us Noon (well maybe it’s not that bad . . . but you better give us at least an hour of wiggle room). And don’t expect us to look good when we get there. Rachel never has time to do her hair anymore so she just pulls it back while it’s still wet and this is what we affectionately refer to as “The Mommy-Do”. If it were socially acceptable, I would just leave the house in my underwear. At least we’d be more likely to show up on time.

The Mommy-Do

The "Mommy-Do"

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