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Rainy-windy wedding from this weekend

Today was undoubtedly the wettest, windiest wedding I have ever shot.  I felt really bad for John and Jessica.  They had a huge tent set up in their back yard and had to change ALL of their plans on the spur of the moment today as the rain was coming down (hard!).  Amazingly, they made it happen and it was a huge success.  Instead of being in their back yard, the wedding was moved to a small Baptist church just around the corner and the reception was moved from the HUGE tent to a warehouse just down the road.  Talk about making stuff happen quickly, these guys are resourceful.

All that being said, the day was really a huge success and we even got some pretty amazing images from their day.  The last shot of these three is one of my favorite wedding shots that I think I’ve ever taken.

Enjoy a quick sneak peek from John Hunter and Jessica Hardin’s wedding day.


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