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Red head and her red corvette!

This is Stephanie Smith.  We shot her session back in October of last year, but I realized just the other day, I hadn’t posted any of her pictures on my blog.  And that’s a shame cause there’s some really unique shots in here.  It’s not every day that you get a girl this fun, with hair this red and this curly along side a car this cool!

The car you see in the pictures below is a one of a kind 1973 Motion Manta Ray Corvette.  It actually belongs to Stephanie’s grandfather, Rayburn Pennington.  It was one of only three ever built and this one is the only known survivor of those three in the entire world.  So pretty cool, right?  You can read more about the car by clicking here.

But enough about the car.  Here’s a few favorites from Stephanie’s session.

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