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Sleep . . . What’s that?

I sit here at 3:30 in the A.M. typing this entry because apparently our son is an owl. Or maybe a vampire . . . I hope not. (I guess we’ll know more on that when his teeth come in). Or perhaps he is planning to work the night shift at Gilster Mary Lee. Then again, maybe this is his super power, the amazing ability to never sleep at night. (I spoke of Zane’s potential for super powers in yesterday’s entry).

Well, I don’t know for sure, but I can tell you that this dude is one nocturnal creature. He sleeps all day long and then at night time . . . talk about bright eyed and ready to roll. We gotta get this schedule flip-flopped ASAP.

It shouldn’t be all that bad since Rachel and I are taking turns. But I think he knows when it’s MY turn . . . and he’s really trying hard to break me in. You see on Rachel’s turn, she gets up, feeds him a bottle and is back in bed within 15 mintues. With dad however . . . different story – dirty diaper, spits up, change clothes, needs fed, spits up again, pees on everything, re-poops his diaper (re-poop . . . is that a word?). I mean, come on!! I thought us guys were supposed to stick together. Let’s see if for tomorrow night we can get mom on the dootie duty.

Well, I guess all in all, it’s not that bad. The more he’s up, the more time I get to spend with him. So that’s pretty cool. I just kind of wish he’d rearrange his schedule a bit for me so we could do it when the sun is shining.

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