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The BIG Announcement

So I’ve been teasing you all for a week.  The time is now here for the big announcement.

We’re holding a High School Senior contest this year called: Heartland’s Next Top Model

1st prize: We’re sending one senior (and a parent) to Cozumel, Mexico for a 5-day, all-expenses paid vacation during the week of Nov. 14-20th, 2010.  While in Mexico, you’ll bathe in the sun, swim in the ocean and go on several photo shoots with myself and 6 other of the top senior photographers from across the country.  Trust me, this will be an opportunity of a lifetime and you will have senior pictures like NO ONE ELSE  (who else is going to travel to Mexico to get senior pictures taken?)

Interested?  Here are the details:

Who may compete? Any class of 2011 Senior that gets their senior pictures taken by Tyson Zahner Photography AND orders their print collection before Sept. 17th, 2010.

How many finalists will there be and how will they be chosen? There will be 5 finalists total.  3 finalists will be chosen through an online voting poll taken right here on my blog during the week of Sept. 27th, and the other 2 finalists will be chosen by Tyson himself.

When will the finalists be announced? The voting polls will close at midnight on Oct. 1 and the finalists will be announced on Saturday, Oct. 2nd.

How will the 1st place winner be chosen? I will send a picture of each finalist to the other photographers attending this trip.  From the 5 finalists that I send, the other photographers will vote on who my grand prize winner will be.  This will be the one person who gets to go to Mexico.

When will the grand prize winner be announced? This will depend in part on how long it takes the judges to choose the winner, but we should be able to announce the grand prize winner by Oct. 8th.

Will the other photographers be taking a senior too? Yes, each photographer will take one senior.  I’ll be voting for their finalists just like they’re  voting for mine.

Are there any additional prizes? Yes.  All 5 finalists will have their images displayed in our brand new display case at the West Park Mall in Cape Girardeau, MO.   Also, the 3 contestants who win in the online voting poll will each receive a $100 cash prize.

How do I sign up? Book your senior pictures with Tyson Zahner Photography right away before his summer and fall schedules fill up.  In fact we’re running a 25% off special this week to commemorate the announcement of this contest.  If you call to schedule your senior session by April 24th, you’ll get 25% off your session fee (you don’t have to shoot by April 24th, you just have to schedule now and then we’ll shoot later – sometime before Sept. 17th though).

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