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Top 10 Senior Photography Do’s and Don’ts

I found this great article written by a photographer from Erie, Pennsylvania named  John Huegel.  I’ve been meaning to write an article like this for a while, but why re-invent the wheel when a good one already exists, right?  You can read the article below or you can click here to see the original at ezine articles.com.

I hope all of the upcoming Seniors and their parents find this information to be useful as you start thinking about booking your senior sessions.


John Huegel’s Article

Here’s a quick guide for the upcoming high school senior and his or her family to consider when preparing for senior photographs.

1. DO get your senior photos taken! You’ll regret not capturing your memories.

DON’T wait too long to reserve your session. Many photographers’ schedules fill up quickly.

2. DO ask your friends about their photography experiences. Note the good and the bad stuff.

DON’T be forced into the “official school photographer” routine. It’s not what goes into the yearbook that matters, it’s how your images are captured and how you feel about the experience. Do you really want your senior photos taken by the people who did your 7th grade pictures?

3. DO your homework. Know which photographers offer the kinds of sessions and experiences that meet your needs. Do they travel with you? Will they take pictures of you with your dog? Boyfriend?

DON’T be impulsive and grab that old card that showed up in the mail sometime this spring. Think about it…probably 2000 other people got that same card.

4. DO shop on the web. Try searches like “Senior Photographer ” with your city or area to see who specializes in senior photography.

DON’T get suckered into “Ambassador Plans”. They often put you in a position to sell for a studio. Is that what you really want to spend your time doing?

5. DO Look into the photographers’ portfolios. Many have online galleries and/or slide shows. How similar are the shots? Do they have enough outdoor or location images for your taste?

DON’T be fooled by studio size. Large studios may mean a quick, impersonal session where you are limited by changes, locations and poses. Your poses and images may look like many other students’.

6. DO ask about locations, changes, friends, pets, retouches, time limits and proofing.

DON’T be shy about expressing your needs and wants. It’s YOUR session!

7. DO discuss with your family. Sure, you are your own person, but the folks and relatives might really love a traditional shot thrown in among your creative stuff.

DON’T Try a new hairstyle or try to get that perfect tan the day before your shoot!

8. DO Plan for your shoot. Set aside clothes, uniforms, props, pets, accessories and shoes.

DON’T worry about cosmetic/skin issues. Any photographer worth the money will take care of that!

9. DO let your personality shine through. Relax and the real you will emerge!

DON’T scan or copy or post any of the proof images without photographer’s OK. It’s illegal and tacky to steal!

10. DO have a wonderful, unique time with your senior session!

DON’T forget to order enough wallets for your friends and relatives!

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