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Tyson Zahner Reviews

Tyson Zahner Reviews


Check out these Tyson Zahner reviews to see what past clients are saying about Tyson’s photography studio. Tyson specializes in senior portrait photography and his signature creative style makes him one of the most sought after photographers in the entire area.  With Tyson’s unique use of lighting, posing and composition, your photos will be completely unique and you’ll feel proud sharing your pictures with friends and family knowing that no one else has images quite like yours!


Allyson Shaw's Review of Tyson Zahner Photography


My session was fun.  Tyson Zahner worked with all of my ideas, tried to please me, and incorporate my personality.  I was very pleased with how creative he was!

Prior to my session, I’ll admit was both nervous and excited because I’m usually very picky of pictures that are taken of me.  I had heard very good comments about Tyson, and now that the session is completed, I’m very pleased with the results and very excited to share my photos.  I loved how natural they looked.  They don’t look fake.  My pictures are amazing!

My parents also thought they were beautiful!  My mom said they were “better than I could have dreamed!”

If you’re considering going to Tyson Zahner, do it.  There’s no way a snapshot can take the place of Tyson and his professional pictures.  His professional knowledge helps him take the perfect picture.  The way he used the lighting to capture the best photo is why all the pictures are outstanding.

~Allyson Shaw
Jackson H.S. Class of 2017

Tyson Zahner Review from Landen Pehle

My session was very unique in the fact that I had not ever done this before. I was very happy with my session. Tyson had very creative ideas to express my character!

Prior to my session, I was nervous and excited and did not really know what to expect. Tyson made me feel very comfortable and took his time to capture the best picture. Each picture describes my personality and each one of them shows a different side of who I am. The detail that was captured in each pose was great!

I wouldn’t change anything about my photo shoot. Tyson and Rachel were awesome! They made me feel comfortable and not rushed! They had great ideas for the locations that I chose. I will definitely use Tyson again.

If you’re thinking about going to someone who is not a professional, don’t. It’s NOT good enough! I needed a professional to help capture what was important to me, i.e. football, baseball, optimist basketball! Tyson is so talented and my pictures were awesome!

Thank you for such a relaxing fun session Tyson! You are a phenomenal photographer! We were so impressed and very happy with your work!

~Landen Pehle
Jackson H.S. Class of 2017

Skylar Drum Shares Her Senior Portrait Experience and Tyson Zahner Review

Prior to my session with Tyson, I definitely felt nervous. Even though, two of my sisters took their pictures with Tyson, I personally had never met him and that made me nervous. I also felt nervous because I didn’t know how well I would do in the sunlight, I squint all the time.

But once the session started, it was easy going and laid back. I love that Tyson is very detailed oriented. He notices when the hair is messed up or a bra strap is showing. I also love how easy going Tyson and Rachel are and willing to just go with the flow. My favorite however is that Tyson looks at the outfits, then decides what will work best for the outfit. I like that he makes sure the surrounding fits with the outfit.

I would not do anything differently if I had to do my session over again. I love that I look like a model in every photo!

There are good pictures that you look good in and then there are these… pictures that give you model status. Hard to explain but there is a definite difference.

If you’re considering going to Tyson Zahner, the experience, the quality and the professionalism is well worth the money.

~Skylar Drum
Jackson H.S. Class of 2017

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Woman posed in a dance position with her Tyson Zahner reviews and testimonial overlaying it.

I was a little nervous coming in, but once we started the session, it was very enjoyable and I felt confident in tyson’s ability to bring out the best in my photographs.

~Madeleine Pearson
East Prairie H.S., Class of 2016

Blake reviews Tyson Zahner Photography.

Tyson is not afraid to get dirty, wade in the creek, lie on the ground, walk through weeds just to get the right shot. The quality of the photos is amazing!

~Blake Mattingly
Perryville H.S., Class of 2016

Girl posed for photography shoot with her review of Tyson Zahner overlaying the image.

Incredible! Tyson can make anything possible. Go big or go home. This is your senior year and you want to capture that moment to look back on in the future and even show your kids some day.

~Ashley Steck
Saxony H.S., Class of 2016

Tyson Zahner reviews from a young man's mom. Picture of a kid in baseball gear with the review test over it.

This ain’t your grandmothers photographer … We got to see our pics that very same day which was awesome. We were blown away with the results. Tyson is a true professional who takes his craft seriously. Gage has shots that look like they came from a magazine!

~Carri Silman (Gage’s Mom)
New Madrid, MO

Every picture I’ve ever seen of Tyson’s is flawless. I can’t praise his work enough. I’m so happy with the whole experience.

~Pleasant Cook
Woodland H.S. Class of 2016

Josh isn’t a real animated guy. He’s a guy’s guy and Tyson really worked with Josh and brought out his personality. Tyson is the ultimate professional. We couldn’t be happier with Josh’s pictures.

~Laura Halter (Josh’s mom)
Notre Dame H.S., Class of 2016

Graduating High School is one of the biggest moments up to this point in life. Your photographer is capturing memories, and you want someone who will do that well. Tyson really tried to get to know my personality so he could portray that in my pictures.

~Kate Royer
Fredericktown H.S., Class of 2016

Gary and I can’t put in words how pleased we are with Victoria’s pictures. They are by far the best pictures we have ever had done of her!

~ Resa Trammell (Victoria’s mom)
Dexter H.S., Class of 2016

I’m amazed at the final product and what a fabulous job Tyson does. I love how you brought out Braeden’s personality.

~ Lori Dobbs (Braeden’s mom)
Jackson H.S., Class of 2017

I love how natural my photos look. Tyson’s work is like no other! I plan on using him again in the future.

~ Brenna Hahn
Oran H.S., Class of 2017

Tyson was able to do things I never thought possible. My son is definitely not photogenic, but Tyson got great facial expressions and really captured Spencer’s personality. The quality and service you get from Tyson Zahner is unbeatable. If you want the best, then there really is no other choice.

~ Stephanie Brown (Spencer’s Mom)
Jackson, MO

I am a super awkward person, but Tyson made me feel comfortable. He made me feel like a model. Tyson and Rachel were so welcoming, and they were so fun and creative! You only have senior pictures once – you will not regret going to Tyson!

~ Tess Daniel
Saxony H.S., Class of 2016

My session with Tyson was like no other! I was able to express myself in a way I would like and he always had something creative to make my ideas pop. Many of my friends went to amateurs with ‘nice cameras’ and after seeing my pictures, they regret it! You’re only a senior once. So plan it right!

~ Maranda Morris
Perryville H.S., Class of 2016

I loved every minute and every picture Tyson took! My pictures far exceeded my expectations!

~ Brianna Mueller
Saxony H.S., Class of 2016

Tyson is very personable, funny and easy to work with. I love Tyson’s creativity in everything he does!

~Lindsey Self
Sikeston H.S. Class of 2016

I was weighing between Tyson and [another studio] (since they did my pics when I was a senior), and I definitely made the right choice! You do an AWESOME job. The best I have seen in a long time

~ Sandy Austin (Trevor Foeste’s mom)
Cape Central H.S., Class of 2016

I never really enjoyed having my picture taken until today! Tyson made me feel like I was on America’s Next Top Model.

~ Cheyenne Blue
Kelly H.S., Class of 2016

Tyson and Rachel were so welcoming and hospitable to me. I felt super comfortable while also having a lot of fun. I definitely made the right decision in coming to Tyson for my senior pictures.

~ Haley Briscoe
Notre Dame H.S., Class of 2016

Tyson is more than a photographer, he is an artist!

~ Nancy Kiefner (Elizabeth’s mom)
Saxony H.S., Class of 2016

If you don’t hire a professional, you’re going to look back one day and wish you had taken great pictures instead of just “good enough”

~ Jocelyn Frederick
Dexter H.S., Class of 2016

I never imagined my senior pictures would ever turn out to look this good, but Tyson proved me wrong!

~ Hunter Juden
Sikeston H.S., Class of 2016

A selfie on your phone doesn’t have anything close to the quality that Tyson’s pictures do. Hello??? I’ve been waiting since the first day of freshman year for this! Tyson was awesome.

~ Claudea Kuykendall
Sikeston H.S., Class of 2016

I had an amazing session with Tyson. It’s worth spending the money to get the true senior experience!

~ Mikayla Rone
Portageville H.S., Class of 2016

Tyson made me very comfortable and I was thrilled with the pictures

~ Alyssa Scheffer
Jackson H.S., Class of 2016

Go to Tyson. He is by far the best!

~ Mallory Pobst
Notre Dame H.S., Class of 2016

Prior to my session, I was a little nervous, but honestly I had no reason to be. I had such a great time. Tyson was Awesome!

~ Emma Piepenbrok
Sikeston H.S., Class of 2016

You will NOT be disappointed with Tyson. You will love him.

~ Deana McGill (Adie’s mom)
Notre Dame H.S., Class of 2016

My session was great! Tyson knew exactly what he was doing.

~ Betsy McConnell
Sikeston H.S., Class of 2017

You only have your senior pictures once. Make them good and worth it!

~ Jessica Holder
Dexter H.S., Class of 2016

Tyson made me look like a photogenic person in the pictures when in reality, I am not.

~ Megan Hawk
Jackson H.S., Class of 2016

Tyson’s pictures are like no others. He could shoot anyone beautifully!

~ Caroline Gleason
Sikeston H.S., Class of 2016

You only have senior pictures once. Tyson was worth every penny

~ Lauren Eby
Sikeston H.S., Class of 2016

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