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Waiting lists and playing Blog Catch-up (6 new posts – so scroll way down)

Let me start by apologizing to all of you faithful blog followers for the lack of posts in the past few weeks.  My goal was initially to blog once a day, and then that goal went to three times a week and now I’m just struggling to play catch-up it seems lately. Anyway, we’ve been crazy busy with sessions over these past few weeks (scroll down to see some of our recent images)

Oh yeah and just an FYI, we now have a waiting list for the next 2 months. Yes . . . we’re booked solid through Thanksgiving so if you’re wanting a session, you’ll need to call early to book a date in December or you’ll need to call and get on the waiting list. I hate that we can’t fit everyone in who wants to book, but we are only a 2 person operation (no Zane doesn’t help much yet) and with trying to keep up with my teaching job, my family, and quite frankly . . . my sanity, we’ve had to start turning sessions away. Please don’t stop calling though. You never know when a date may open up.  We love hearing from you.

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