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We got to see the baby!!!

We got to see the baby!!! We went to St. Louis today and met the birth father for the first time and most importantly, we met our new son (wow, that sounds really strange . . . I guess I’ll get used to it soon). Rachel and I both held him and Rachel fed him a bottle and changed his diaper (she assures me that I will be included in the diaper changing fun soon enough). He’s really little – 6 lbs and 19 inches, but he’s super cute. He’s got some hair. It’s light brown. He has really long feet, long toes and of course long fingers (for piano and guitar playing, you know). We took some pictures of course. You can see them by clicking here. After spending some time with the baby, we left and spent the rest of the day shopping for baby stuff. We will go back to the hospital tomorrow to spend some more time with the baby, but because the birth mother will not be discharged from the hospital until Wednesday morning, we will have to wait until then to bring the baby home with us. Everything is still looking great, though. The social worker has assured us that the birth mother has not waivered in her decision to place the baby. Assuming that holds true for another day and a half, we should be bringing the baby home with us on Wednesday morning.

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