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We took 5th place out of 180

Some of you may remember from a few months ago a blog post that I made about an Extreme Make-over competition.  In case you don’t remember . . . here’s a quick refresher.  My hair dresser, Danielle Moffitt from Elements Salon entered a makeover competition.  The hair dresser gets judged as does the make-up artist and even the photographer.  Well . . . she asked me to be the photographer (you can see the images we came up with below)

Anyway . . . I just found out today that we got 5th place out of 180+ entries.  It would have been way cool if we had gotten 1st, but I’m still pretty stoked about 5th place and I know Danielle is too.  If you’re looking for a great hair stylist, you should totally give Danielle a call.  She’s really awesome.  As is the entire team of girls at Elements Salon.


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