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Week 1 – 271 lbs (down 7 lbs. total)

I weighed in this morning at 271 lbs. That’s a 7 lb weight loss from last Saturday. I guess 1 lb. per day ain’t too shabby (granted a lot of this is water weight in the first week – I estimate that it’ll start averaging out to around 1/2 lb. per day soon).

The biggest question people have asked me in the past week is, “How are you doing it?” So let me tell you my workout/diet plan. As I mentioned in last week’s entry, the workout I’m doing is called Power 90. It involves a 30-45 minute workout 6 days a week and the thing I love the most about it is that I can do everything at home. No need to go to a gym ever. The Power 90 motto is “From Power to Shower in under an Hour”.


This is the workout portion of my program

Saturday/Monday/Wednesday – Cardio/Abs
The cardio workout consists of aerobics, yoga, kickboxing, etc.
After the cardio workout, you do 100 crunches (10 sets of 10)

Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday – Weights
This workout involves push ups, dips, lunges, squats, etc.

Friday – Off


This is my diet

I’m trying to stay at or below 1800 calories per day.

Breakfast: 500 calories (or less)
This is usually Oatmeal or Cereal with fruit and a protein shake
Some options include:
Quaker Weight Control Oatmeal
Raisins in the Oatmeal
Protein Shake (200 cal)
(Protein shake is 8 oz. O.J. and 1 scoop of Designer Whey Protein)

Morning Snack: 100-150 Calories
Fruit or Granola Bar
Some options include:
Fiber One Bar
Healthy Heart Bar by “Nature Valley”

Lunch: 400 calories (or less)
This is usually a sandwich or soup or a healthy frozen entree with maybe a piece of fruit or some baked chips.
Options here include:
Progresso Soup
Lean Cuisine Frozen Entrees
Healthy Choice Frozen Entrees
Turkey Sandwich
Subway (6 grams of fat or less menu)
Tuna with light mayo and pickles
Baked Chips or Sun Chips
(I always portion this to one serving only or I’ll eat the whole bag)

Afternoon Snack: 100-150 Calories
Peanuts, Cashews, or Beef Jerky
(once again I portion this into zip lock bags to keep from over eating)

Dinner: 500-600 calories
Rachel usually makes me supper and I’m lucky because she is quite the cook and she always counts calories for me.
Here are some of my dinners
Salad with Grilled Chicken or Turkey and a light dressing
Turkey Burgers
Spaghetti with light hamburger (or turkey burger) meat
Lean Cuisine Frozen Entrees
Healthy Choice Frozen Entrees
(These last two are for when Rachel’s not at home)

So What’s out?
Some stuff that I absolutely never eat on my diet . . .
Fried Food
Fast Food Burgers

Oh yeah . . . and I drink lots of water!


Really I’m just counting my calories throughout the day (which isn’t all that hard now that I have a plan and a schedule.)

From here, it’s just simple math (and will power):
About 3500 calories adds up to 1 pound
If I eat 3500 calories more than I need, I’ll gain 1 lb.
If I use 3500 calories more than I eat, I’ll lose 1 lb.

At my current size, it takes about 3000 calories a day to maintain my weight of 270 lbs.

If I’m eating 1800 and burning around 300-400 in exercise
That makes my net calorie intake around 1500/day
This means I’m using 1500 calories/day over what I’m consuming
This should result in a weight loss of about 3-4 lbs per week.
(as my metabolism increases. . . it could be 5 lbs/week)
I’m hoping for a total weight loss of 40-50 lbs by June 1.
That would put me around 220-230 lbs.
My end goal is to be under 200 lbs by Sept. 1

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