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We’re Home!!!

Zane (Hebrew) – God’s gracious gift
Alexander (Greek) – Leader of Men

Zane Alexander Zahner is home!!! It has been a long emotional ride, but it has been worth every minute. We couldn’t be happier and I doubt that you’ll find two parents more proud than Rachel and I are right now. So I apologize ahead of time if I come off sounding boastful or like my kid is cuter than yours (but seriously, he is! . . . just look at his pictures).

Today was a perfect day. There aren’t many of those, but today was just that . . . Perfect! You see, Rachel and I seem to reach milestones in 5 year increments. We started dating when she was 15, we got married when she was 20. We bought a house at 25 and now we’re 30 and have our first child. So I assume the next one is coming in another 5 years.

Anyway, about today . . . We went out and had breakfast at Bob Evans’ in Festus. This may seem insignificant but we found it fitting because the last time we ate at that particular Bob Evans’ was on the night of our wedding when we stopped in Festus on the way to our Honeymoon. Anyway we had some extra time for breakfast because they pushed the meeting time with the birth mother back an hour from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. We got to the hospital at 11:00 and had what’s called an entrustment ceremony in the hospital room. It was Rachel and I, the birth mother and her mom and our two social workers. We said some prayers, exchanged some gifts, shed some tears and said our goodbyes. It was wonderful and difficult all at the same time.

Before we left the hospital, the nurse gave us some instructions on what to do when we got home with the baby. Then they brought a wheelchair to the room and rolled Rachel and the baby out of the hospital (they require that anyone who leaves the hospital with a newborn exit this way regardless of whether they actually gave birth to the baby). This was kind of strange considering that Rachel looks nothing like she’s just given birth. So there were a few confused onlookers as the nurse wheeled Rachel down the hallway. Anyway, that was an emotional moment – seeing the birth mothers eyes tear up as Rachel mouthed the words “Thank You” to her and she watched us leave her room with a life that she created just 5 days ago.

On a side note . . . to anyone that questions a mother’s decision to give her child up for adoption. Please know this – Adoption is an act of love (on both the birth mother’s part and the adoptive parents’ part); In fact, it is probably the most selfless act of love I have ever witnessed. Throughout this journey, I’ve heard people ask, “How could a mother give up her baby?” or “How could she be so cold?”. Trust me when I tell you that this 21 year old young lady is far from cold – she is one of the most loving, caring, thoughtful, selfless people I have ever met. Her decision was based on the needs of this new life . . . not on her own. She wanted things for him that she could not provide: a two parent home, financial and emotional stability, undivided love and attention, etc. And for that, she made an amazing sacrifice and gave us the ultimate gift. If you know a mother (or father for that matter – because we met both) who’s ever given a baby up for adoption, please don’t judge them. Support her and be thankful that she chose life! Honor the fact that she chose the needs of another over her own. Our lives have been forever changed because of two such people.

Ok, I’ll step down from my soap box now . . . We’re finally home. We made several stops on the way and I’m not sure who’s prouder, us or Zane’s grandparents. Thanks for all the prayers! Dreams do come true. Interesting side note: we got the key phone call last week during our church’s week of prayer and fasting. Coincidence? You be the judge.

I know this particular entry has been lengthy, but a lot has happened today. So if you’ve made it all the way here, thanks for reading. There are lots of new pictures. Check them out on our album page.

Check back frequently for more updates.

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