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When is the best time of year for family pictures

When is the best time of year for family pictures?

I get this question all the time.  So I thought I’d help to bring some clarity to the issue today.

Family photographs are the best memoirs for a lifetime!  If there’s anything that’s valued by time besides wine — it’s a family photograph.  A family photograph freezes the most precious moments of our lives and gives us a chance to rediscover them at a later point.

It’s for the same reason we should take utmost care when snapping and persevering the very precious moments in our lives.  Choosing the right time of year, the right location and what clothes to wear can all make a significant impact on how much you cherish your portraits as you fill your walls and albums with these memories over the years.

So to answer your questions … I’ll lay out a few thoughts for your below, and I’ll attach some images so you can look through varies sessions at different times of the year and make a final decision for yourself what you like best.  And then tomorrow I’ll discuss the other popular question . . . “What clothes should we wear?”

But for today, let’s deal with this question …

“When is the best time of year for family pictures?”

Well, I don’t know if it’s necessarily “the best” but the fall is definitely the most popular.  The colors are beautiful, and as the weather starts to cool off, it makes for a much more comfortable session with less heat and humidity.

Spring is probably the next most popular time of year.  It’s also a great time because the flowers are starting to bloom and it’s also not particularly warm.

With that being said, we shoot a lot of family portraits in the summer … mostly due to the convenience of the fact that the kids are out of school and it’s easier to coordinate schedules.  With small children, we recommend either doing a fall or spring session or if you need to do a summer session, do it late in the evening when the sun is starting to go down and it’s not quite as hot and uncomfortable so they don’t get zapped and worn out too quickly.

“What about winter?” you ask.  I would love to do some family portraits in the snow, but it’s hard to coordinate this kind of timing with unpredictable Missouri weather.  If we ever get a big snowfall, and you want to schedule a quick session, feel free to give us a call and see if we’re available.




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