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Zahner family update, a video & some newborn pictures

Well, we came home from the hospital on Friday, I shot a wedding on Saturday, we shot Zoe’s official newborn session on Sunday and today I’m finally getting around to giving you all an update on how things are going in the Zahner house . . . pretty good actually.

First of all, Zoe and momma and both doing great.  They are indeed the two most beautiful ladies I know.  In fact, I was looking at Zoe the other night and I told Rachel, “I think you’re gonna have to do the discipline on this one.  I don’t know that I could ever scold her”.  My mother assures me I’ll change my tune as soon as she hits toddler-hood.  But for now, I’ll stick to my assertion that my daughter is the most beautiful newborn ever created and that she can do no wrong.

As far as Zane goes, everybody has been asking how he’s doing with his new little sister.  Actually . . .  he’s doing unbelievably well!  Seriously, Rachel and I never expected him to be sooo sweet and accepting (knocking on wood right now).  We really thought he’d see her as a threat to how much attention he gets and it hasn’t been that way AT ALL (It probably didn’t hurt that the first time Zane came to the hospital to see Zoe, “she” gave him a present to open.  I’m sure the new train set probably helped a little bit to win him over).  But honestly, he’s been very helpful around the house.  He went and got wipes and a diaper today while we were changing her.  He’s been holding Zoe and “petting” her and giving little kisses.  It has been really really sweet (see some of the video and pictures below if you don’t believe me)

Anyway, here is the video I put together today (to view it, you’ll have to visit the blog directly . . . just in case you’re reading this in your e-mail inbox because it won’t show up there).  And then below that are a few pictures from her newborn photo session.

***DISCLAIMER*** there is a small bit of somewhat graphic content at 1minute 50seconds into the video. If you are squeamish, you may want to close your eyes for about 10 seconds when it gets to that spot.

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