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Zane is a year and a half old!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any pictures of Zane on the blog and I feel terrible.  (I’m like the mechanic who doesn’t fix his own car).  We’ve just been so busy taking pictures of other people, we haven’t made time for pictures of Zane . . . well . . . until yesterday that is.  We spent some time yesterday evening doing shots of Zane and I think Rachel and I are finally starting to understand what some of our clients feel like when they come in to the studio with their kids.  In fact, we did all the stuff we tell our clients not to do.  We set way too many expectations of what would happen and how Zane would behave and what kinds of shots we would get and we kind of forgot to just let Zane be Zane.  We had all of these expectations of what Zane would do and how the pictures would turn out and none of those ideals were met (which is exactly what we tell clients will happen if they have too many expectations about the session).  I guess we should listen to some of our own advice.

Anyway, here’s a quick sampling of Zane’s 18 month photo shoot.











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