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Zane met a celebrity today.

Rachel and I are huge fans of the NBC hit show show, The Office. We have every episode on my Ipod and we’ve watched each one multiple times. Well . . . needless to say, we were super excited when we found out that one of the characters from the show was coming to visit the Jr. High school where I teach. Phyllis Smith, who plays the character, Phyllis Lapin on the show was at JJHS today. You can read her bio here.

Being the huge fans we are (and figuring that Zane will probably one day love the show too), Rachel brought him over to get his picture taken with Phyllis. She held him and cooed over him (as everyone does . . . cause he’s sooo cute, you know!), but she did not autograph his forehead with a Sharpie (as was suggested by many of my students). We talked to her a bit. She’s originally from St. Louis, she used to be a St. Louis Cardinal cheerleader and she’s just a really nice person. If you too are fan of “The Office”, she told us that new episodes would be airing in April.

You can see pictures from Zane’s first celebrity encounter below.

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