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Zane Zahner – why the alliteration?

Ok. A little about the choice for Zane’s name. I have always been partial to the double ZZ initials. If we had a girl it was going to be Zoe Lynn Zahner but we hadn’t quite decided on a boy name. We had come up with several choices before deciding upon Zane. There was Zavier, Zander, Zach, & Zeb among others. I had suggested spelling Zavier with an X and naming him Xavier Yale Zahner so that his initials would be XYZ, but Rachel wasn’t too fond of that idea. Then again, I had suggested naming him Scout Zahner too (say it a couple of times quickly and you’ll figure out why Rachel issued the veto on that name also).

Anyway, I have always felt strongly that my boy needs to have a name with alliteration just in case he ever becomes a super hero. Bruce Banner was the Hulk, Peter Parker was Spiderman, Clark Kent was Superman. All of these super heroes have alliteration in their names. Now I don’t know if Zane will have super powers or not. That will likely become evident in the next few weeks, but just in case he does, I want him to have an appropriate name in place so he’s prepared.

Then again, I could be setting him up to be a cartoon character instead. I hadn’t really thought about that until today, but Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Fred Flintstone – all with alliteration too (and none of them with super powers). I admit, cartoon character would not be quite as cool as a super hero.

Well either way, keep an eye out for Zane Zahner in either DC comics or Looney Toones. Wherever he ends up, we’ll be proud.

Disclaimer – I apologize for the ridiculousness of today’s thoughts, but I’ve made enough serious entries over the last week. I figured it was time for something a bit more light hearted.

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