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Zoe’s 6-month pictures

Zoe turned 6-months on Thanksgiving and she’s already doing SOOOO much.  She pulls up on EVERYTHING (her crib, tables, toys, baskets, our legs, and so on).  The girl LOVES to be on her feet.  She even lets go and tries to balance on her own.  She manages about 1 second before grabbing back on, but she gets so excited and proud of herself when she’s on her feet by herself.  It’s really funny.  I have no doubt she’ll be walking by 9-months.

Anyway . . . here is a little wall collage we put together from her 6-month photo shoot.  Each image below is a separate print.  They will be framed individually and will hang separately side by side in her room like this to spell out her name.  This works great for kids with 3 or 4 or even 5 letters in their name.

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