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12 Tips for Amazing & Unique Senior Pictures

What is the most important thing High School seniors want from their senior portraits?

Well, if there's one thing we've learned from photographing nearly 700 high school seniors at our studio in the past 10 years, it's that seniors want photos that are unique and stand out from other kids at their school.

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May 9, 2016
Tyson Zahner

It’s been a while

Alright – so I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any personal or family updates (I know . . . a long time.  I’m sorry – We’ve been busy!!).  So this post will serve to show you several recent pictures from the last month or so.  Then I plan to enter some backlogs […]


Week 10 – 247 lbs (down 31 lbs. total)

In the past 2 days, the scale has read everything from 246 to 248. So I’m gonna meet it in the middle and we’ll say I weigh 247 this week. That would be a 2 lb. weight loss for the week.


Week 9 – 249 lbs (down 29 lbs. total)

I didn’t get around to posting last week but I assure you I’m still on track. I’ve almost lost 30 pounds total. My clothes are fitting better. In fact, I’m wearing clothes that I haven’t worn in quite a while (Rachel says that I get to go shopping in my closet). I definitely feel better […]


Week 7 – 254 lbs (down 24 lbs. total)

Another 3 lbs. this week. That seems to be my magic number. If I can continue with a consistent 3 lbs. per week, I should be down to 235 by June 1.


Week 6 – 257 lbs (down 21 lbs. total)

I lost another 3 lbs. this week. And I have gained one notch on my favorite belt. I am wearing a pair of jeans and also a pair of slacks that I have not worn in over a year. I decided one day this week that instead of doing my regular cardio workout, I would […]


Week 5 – 260 lbs (down 18 lbs. total)

I didn’t get around to posting last Saturday (thanks to those of you that checked in on me). I assure you I am staying faithful. Last Saturday, I weighed in at 262 and today I weighed in at 260. So that puts me at 18 lbs. lost total. We took pictures on Day 1 and […]


Week 3 – 265 lbs (down 13 lbs. total)

I lost another 3 pounds this week. I’ve stayed 100% faithful to both my diet and workout program up to this point. Things are going pretty much as expected.


Week 2 – 268 lbs (down 10 lbs. total)

I lost another 3 pounds this week. That’s half of what I lost last week, but it’s basically what I expected. I usually lose quite a bit of water weight in the first week. The idea from here on is to be content with small victories and 3 lbs. is a definitely that. I’ve been […]


Week 1 – 271 lbs (down 7 lbs. total)

I weighed in this morning at 271 lbs. That’s a 7 lb weight loss from last Saturday. I guess 1 lb. per day ain’t too shabby (granted a lot of this is water weight in the first week – I estimate that it’ll start averaging out to around 1/2 lb. per day soon). The biggest […]


The Battle of the Bulge is on!! (again)

Anyone that knows me, knows that I’ve struggled with my weight over the years. I had gotten pretty heavy in college and lost about 50 lbs before our wedding. Pictured below is skinny Tyson from college (around 1997 or 1998) but then we all know what happens after marriage . . . between 1998 and […]


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